Frequently Asked Questions

Why Advent Blocks?

We needed something tangible that children of any age could engage with. We also wanted there to be movement each day that showed God's plan of his Son (represented by the star) coming to earth (represented by the... well... earth). 

Chris and Clayton worked through many resources to find the bible stories that were engaging for the whole family and that gave voice to the presence (and absence) of God in scripture. We hope you enjoy!


We are working hard with our supplier to get Advent Blocks ordered and shipped so everyone who wants one will have them by December 1st. Ordering now lets us get that process moving but we want you to know you won't get your blocks until sometime in November. 

Complete this form and our team will help your churches pastors and staff get the bulk pricing and special shipping options. 


We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada! We hope to go international next year. (Sorry England)

We will begin shipping Advent Blocks in November. Order now to get your blocks sometime in the middle of November. Order in November and get your blocks ASAP (between 2-10 days depending on the shipping option you select).

Returns and exchanges

Not happy with your blocks? Message us using the contact block on our site and we will give you the instructions for how to return your blocks. 

Brian Turney is a key member of our team and designed each of the blocks (and all of the book too). Eye catching for all ages but especially engaging for kids 3 - 13.