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Are the Kids Really Getting It?

Parents and grandparents, you have asked this question before. You try every Christmas season to make sure the main thing remains the main thing. But are the kids really getting it?

We Have a Lot of Distractions


You have so many wonderful activities and opportunities to be with friends and family, but often it’s too many! And there’s little chance to slow down and reflect on what really matters.


Gifts to your kids and to others are a great picture of God sending his Son to earth as the ultimate gift, but greed and disappointment can overwhelm.


A little bit of mystery doesn’t hurt anyone, but a lot can. It’s all too easy to let the big guy steal the spotlight at Christmas.

We Decided to Change our Traditions

We added Advent Blocks last year and the change in our kids was significant! On Christmas morning they were as excited to read the story as they were to open presents (almost).


Advent Blocks

A Christmas practice that helps kids—and parents!—anticipate the birth of Jesus, and not just presents.

This practice is a tangible, Bible-based, 25-day guide to creating an exciting environment in the home around God coming to earth.


We made it simple, fun, and meaningful.

Step 1: Set Up Before December 1st

Line Up

Place the blocks in one horizontal row in a central place in your home.


Place the Star at the beginning (on top of Block 1).


Place the World Block at the end (on top of Block 25).

Step 2: Get Started


The Story


The Block

Step 3: Reveal

You are 24 days in, it's Christmas Eve, and today is the big day!

He is

Emmanuel, God With Us

After you read the story on December 24, turn all of the blocks one more time to reveal a secret message.

Will You Join Us?

We know there is no silver bullet to any problem we face in this Christian life. However, we do know, from our firsthand experience with our families, that Advent Blocks are a very powerful tool to help lead our families in focusing on Christ during the Christmas season.


Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
Advent Blocks
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The kit comes with 27 blocks, a 25-day guide, and a storage and gift box to keep year after year for safekeeping. Anticipate Christmas this year with these beautiful blocks at the center of your home.
Orders placed today will be shipped the second week of November. Plenty of time for December 1st and early enough for Thanksgiving day decoration if that is your thing.


My kids are so excited for the product. We have placed an order for several and can't wait to give them away as gifts this year.

John Josef

My girls are so looking forward to their blocks. They can't wait until Christmas to use them! We are going to get a couple more for our neighbors as well.

Sarah Carter

It's so hard to keep my kids focused on Jesus during the Christmas season. I am so excited about using this tool this year to help us stop every night and do our reading.

Tori Simpson

Meet the team

Meet the team of people who decided to approach the Advent season differently this year. (We call ourselves the Blockheads)