Summit Church Program

Order your Advent Blocks at a great discount and pick them up from your church in November

Discipleship rhythms happen in the home—but they also work best when done together with a whole church. This year, we want the whole church working through the story of scripture together in anticipation of Christmas. That’s why we have partnered with your church to bring a meaningful resource to you. (And yes, I mean you). There is something for everyone in the church.

  1. Advent Blocks is a tangible 25 day guide that helps kids - and parents - anticipate Jesus, not just presents. (There is a standard edition and a traditions model)
  2. He is Here is an adult guide that follows along but doesn’t have to be used with the blocks.
Here is what we want everyone to do.
  1. Order on this discount page.
  2. Select you church.
  3. Pick up from your church November.